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Free Consultation

We handle many types of dog injury cases

If you or loved one have been injured in any way by a dog, we encourage you to contact us for a completely free consultation.

No fee unless we win. That’s our promise.

We only get paid if we win. If we do not win, we simply do not get paid. We know how hard it is to get injured and we are here on your side.

Speak with dog bite attorney Jimmy Hanaie.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is very experienced with dog injury cases. If you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, contact us today. It’s free.

We want to discuss your goals with you after a dog bite or attack.

You may be wondering about your legal rights or what step to take next. We are here to discuss your legal situation with you. We provide a no obligation, completely free consultation 24/7. Call now and discuss your legal matter with an experienced dog injury lawyer today.

Call The Lawyer Free 24/7

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