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Lemon law help for leased & purchased vehicles.

Welcome to We know how frustrating it can be when your new vehicle is defective or has problems. Cars sometimes are problematic and many have different types of problems like engine problems, transmission noises, acceleration problems, noises and more.

Your California lemon law attorney and consumer rights advocate.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is a California lemon law attorney with many years of experience. He is a graduate of top California law school UC Hastings where he graduated with high grades in 2013. He has a passion for helping consumers when their consumer rights have not been respected by the automobile manufacturers.



Free Lemon Law Evaluation.

We evaluate your case to see if you might have a strong lemon law case.

You are probably curious to know if you can benefit frm the lemon law. We are here and can speak to you for free consultation today.



Is your vehicle a lemon? Find out about possible compensation.

You have paid a lot of money to get your car. However the automobile manufacturers did not give you a properly working vehicle. You may have a case.



We appreciate your many years of trust in our experienced and powerful legal team.

At, we take pride in being there for our clients. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation day or night 7 days a week.

Most trusted lemon law attorneys.

Our founding attorney Jimmy Hanaie grew up in Los Angeles and is a true Angeleno. We are based in Southern California and can even come to your home or office to meet with you. If you are in the LA area and believe that your car might be a lemon, give us a call for a completely free consultation and case evaluation with an experienced lemon attorney 24/7.

Take the first step. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Regardless of what stage you are currently in, we would love to speak to you. Learn more about your rights by contacting us for a free consultation today 24/7. Se Habla Espaneol.

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